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New Poker Branding

New Poker may not be the biggest platform, but we are definitely the most respected.”

New Poker is a brand committed to providing the safest and most secure poker platform for club players. With cutting-edge technology at its core, the platform guarantees an enjoyable and genuine poker experience for all users. By prioritizing safety and innovation, New Poker ensures that players can indulge in real fun while connecting and engaging with like-minded individuals in the thrilling world of poker.


New Poker‘s Founders

Over a decade ago, a dedicated group of teenagers established their own poker club, which started off small but gradually attracted numerous like-minded players who shared a passion for poker. As the club grew, the members’ profound love and respect for the game formed the foundation and core values of the community. They expanded to create additional clubs that eventually united to form a community of poker enthusiasts.

Advancements in technology opened up exciting possibilities for pushing the boundaries of the game. However, it also created opportunities for unscrupulous individuals to exploit and undermine the poker experience, profiting from dishonest practices and detracting from the essence of the game. The once passionate teenagers, now industry experts, decided to create a new platform that upheld the original values of their first clubs, giving rise to New Poker.

You might wonder why New Poker is only available for iOS. Well, this decision was not taken lightly. In order to ensure the highest level of safety and fair gaming experience, the team at New Poker analyzed the options and chose to focus solely on iOS systems, even if it meant sacrificing some market share initially. Nevertheless, they remain committed to continuous technical upgrades and iterations, with the ultimate goal of offering a broader range of gaming experiences in the future.


Brand Concept and Culture

With 12 years of expertise in the poker industry, New Poker remains committed to its core principles: “safety, brotherhood, and fun.”

We are thrilled to introduce ADSP (All-Process Defence System for Poker), our proprietary security system. Meticulously engineered to provide the utmost safety during poker games, we dedicated significant efforts to ensure genuine players and secure experiences, effectively eradicating the possibility of cheating in poker.

At New Poker, our values serve as guiding beacons for all our ideas, actions, and endeavors. They are seamlessly integrated into our products, services, operations, and corporate responsibility initiatives. Continuously striving to create value for both players and the industry, we are pioneering a new ecosystem that embodies authentic, fair, and enjoyable poker experiences for the next generation of players.


Brand Vision

Our brand vision is to harness the cutting-edge technologies available in the market to create an exhilarating and secure environment for poker players. By blending technology and excitement, we aim to connect people from all walks of life in the captivating world of poker. Our commitment to employing a top-tier security system and collaborating with the finest classic games will elevate the industry’s benchmarks for both safety and enjoyment. With this vision, we aspire to become the epitome of excellence in the poker gaming industry, delivering unparalleled levels of security and fun to our valued players.


Brand Spirit

New Poker embodies a spirit that is Bold, Innovative, Honest, and Ambitious.

Bold: We fearlessly venture into uncharted territories, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the poker industry. Our courage drives us to take calculated risks, explore new ideas, and pioneer groundbreaking innovations.

Innovative: Embracing the latest technologies and creative solutions, we constantly seek to revolutionize the poker gaming experience. Our commitment to innovation ensures that our players enjoy cutting-edge features and stay ahead of the curve.

Honest: Integrity lies at the core of our brand. We maintain open and transparent communication with our players, partners, and stakeholders. Honesty forms the foundation of trust, which is essential to fostering strong, lasting relationships.

Ambitious: Our aspirations are grand, and our determination unwavering. We set high goals and work relentlessly to achieve them. By striving for excellence, we aim to elevate the standards of the poker industry and leave a lasting impact.

Together, these qualities shape our brand spirit, driving us to create a poker platform that redefines the gaming experience and resonates with poker enthusiasts around the world.


Brand Beliefs

Our brand is rooted in three core beliefs: Brainpower, Longevity, and Realism.

Brainpower: At the heart of our brand, we emphasize gameplay, strategy, and the intellectual aspects of gaming. We highly value skills and admire the combination of intellect and creativity in poker. Our platform fosters an environment that challenges and engages players’ minds, promoting thoughtful and skillful gameplay.

Longevity: We are committed to long-term development and unwavering dedication to our brand’s core philosophy. We believe in creating a sustainable and secure poker community that stands the test of time. Our vision is to continuously evolve, adapt, and improve, ensuring that our platform remains relevant and rewarding for players for years to come.

Realism: In crafting our poker games, we place a strong emphasis on realistic interactions. We prioritize the presence of genuine players and strive to eliminate cheating. From a player’s perspective, we encourage responsible gambling habits and advocate for meaningful connections and communication among friends. Our brand thrives on authenticity, transparency, and a commitment to providing a genuine poker experience.

With these beliefs as our guiding principles, New Poker endeavors to establish itself as a leading force in the poker industry, offering players a dynamic, secure, and intellectually stimulating platform that fosters lasting friendships and responsible gaming practices.