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Historic 24-Hour Texas Hold’em Marathon at Hustler Casino Live

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On December 1st, history will be made as Hustler Casino Live embarks on its first-ever 24-hour poker live stream, marking the grand finale of Alan Keating’s anticipated return to the popular poker show.

Renowned for his unpredictable playing style, Keating, absent from the show since May, will engage in five days of high-stakes Texas Hold’em, with blinds set at $100/$200 and a minimum buy-in of $100,000.

Recognizing the logistical challenges of a continuous 24-hour stream, co-owner Ryan Feldman acknowledges the inevitability of player fatigue and the strain on commentators and staff. To mitigate this, a strategic plan is in place, involving a waitlist of players ready to step in as others depart.

Feldman explains, “It will be a lot of work logistically. Ideally, players will give me a warning when they’re thinking about leaving, and I’ll have a backup ready to go.”

In addition to player rotations, the commentary team will change every few hours to ensure a fresh perspective. While it remains uncertain if any player will endure the entire session, Feldman believes that some participants might grind through the marathon.

Hustler Casino Live has previously hosted extended poker sessions, but never on a 24-hour scale. Notably, in August 2022, a Friday night show extended into a Saturday morning breakfast show, witnessing Keating secure the largest pot in HCL history at that time—a staggering $749,000.

Keating’s return promises to be the highlight of the 24-hour event, with other deep-pocket players joining the action. DoorDash founder Stanley Tang, HCL regulars Nik Airball, Charles Yu, and Andy “Stacks,” along with seasoned high-stakes players Brandon Steven and Santhosh Suvarna, are set to participate.

As the poker enthusiasts gear up for this historic event, the question lingers: will anyone brave the full 24 hours at the Texas Hold’em tables? While Airball and Suvarna are deemed the most likely contenders, the allure of red-hot streaks may keep players glued to their seats, creating an unforgettable poker spectacle.

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