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Ravi Sheth Steals the Spotlight at GUKPT London 2023!

Ravi Sheth  New Poker

The poker world is buzzing, and the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) is at its heart, lighting up London with its sixth installment for 2023. The kickoff? A thrilling victory by none other than Ravi Sheth in the £550 GUKPT Midi Main Event. The cherry on top? A cool £48,550 prize to sweeten his victory.

Ravi Sheth’s Table Mastery

Recent memory still holds images of Sheth masterfully weaving through an imposing army of 910 players in the £3,300 No-Limit Hold’em WSOP Super Circuit Main Event. Though he finished fourth, his pocket felt the weight of an impressive £140,000. If August were a poker card for Sheth, it’d surely be an Ace!

GUKPT London Midi Main Event: The Breakdown

Ravi Sheth – Leading the pack with sheer brilliance and skill, Sheth bagged the lion’s share with £48,550.

Arian Hassankashani – With a notable playstyle, Hassankashani clinched second place, securing £32,230.

Jamie Dwan – Proving his mettle once again, Dwan took the third spot, adding £19,660 to his list of achievements.

Garry Bush – The veteran with a two-decade-long history in the poker world finished respectably in fourth, cashing £12,400.

Callum Gordon – Not far behind, Gordon’s efforts were rewarded with a £8,330 prize.

Brandon Sheils – Another strong contender, Sheils pocketed £6,020 for his sixth-place finish.

Chris Johnson – The 2022 GUKPT Leeds champion didn’t disappoint, securing a decent £4,600 for the seventh spot.

Karim Louis – Louis, still fresh from his recent win at the WSOP Super Circuit London, landed the eighth position with £3,900.

Iwan Jones – Wrapping up the top nine, Jones went home with £3,190, continuing his GUKPT success streak.

Inside Scoop from The Vic

The Vic saw a remarkable turnout with 369 poker enthusiasts, generating a staggering prize pool of £184,500. Among the fortunate top 34 players basking in the limelight were seasoned players like Michael Howard, Colin Gillon, and James Williams.

Lorenc Boci set the cashing momentum, with other top players soon to follow suit. Keep an eye out for Iwan Jones; his track record suggests we’ll be seeing more of him in upcoming GUKPT events.

Tales from the Table

From Karim Louis’ commendable £3,800 finish to Chris Johnson’s exit with £4,600, the event was laden with highs and lows. Brandon Sheils and Callum Gordon didn’t leave empty-handed, each adding a notable sum to their credits.

Veteran player Garry Bush, with his rich history of gameplay dating back to 1999, secured a commendable fourth place. Jamie Dwan, though unrelated to the legendary Tom “durrrr” Dwan, is creating his legacy, bagging a £19,660 third-place prize.

In a nerve-wracking finale, Sheth and Arian Hassankashani battled head-to-head. Hassankashani, despite a £16,000 prize gap, settled for second place, taking home £32,230.

The Sheth Legacy

As the night concluded, all spotlights were on Sheth, whose 2023 earnings have now surpassed a whopping $250,000.

Looking Ahead: What’s Next at GUKPT London?

While the Midi Main Event has wrapped up, there’s still much anticipation at The Vic. The upcoming £1,250 buy-in Main Event is a marquee event to watch. Recalling the magic from mid-January 2023, a similar grand event witnessed a prize pool of £475,750, with Devan Patel, Calogero Morreale, and Jonathan McCann stealing the show.

As GUKPT London 2023 continues, New Poker will be right here, delivering you every flip, call, and raise. Stay tuned, poker enthusiasts!

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