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Historic 24-Hour Texas Hold’em Marathon at Hustler Casino Live

On December 1st, history will be made as Hustler Casino Live embarks on its first-ever 24-hour poker live stream, marking the grand finale of Alan Keating’s anticipated return to the popular poker show. Renowned for his unpredictable playing style, Keating, absent from the show since May, will engage in five days of high-stakes Texas Hold’em, […]

50,000 Diamond Delight: Halloween Poker Extravaganza in New Poker

New Poker is thrilled to announce its Halloween Texas Hold’em Tournament, taking place on October 31st, right within the New Poker app. Join us at 15:00 and 20:00 for a chilling Halloween poker experience that’s absolutely free to enter! This Halloween, New Poker is upping the stakes with a guaranteed 50,000 diamonds tournament series. Whether […]

5 Essential Texas Hold’em Strategies for Maximum Impact

Playing Texas Hold’em involves mastering various strategies. However, there are timeless tactics that can significantly impact your success at the poker table. In this article, we share five indispensable strategies that are both straightforward to understand and easy to implement, elevating your proficiency and emotions when playing this exciting card game. 1. The Power of […]

8 Expert Strategies to Master Texas Hold’em with Confidence

When you find yourself in Texas Hold’em games with wet board situations, like when the flop reveals J-T-8, your reactions should be tailored to your hand. Having KQ might secretly delight you while holding AT can be a bit frustrating. If you’re dealt 88, which forms the smallest hidden set, it’s natural not to feel […]

4 Emotion-Driven C-Betting Strategies for Success in New Poker

Welcome to the world of New Poker! In this blog post, we’re going to delve into the exciting realm of C-Betting (or “continue betting”) in the context of the popular Texas Hold’em game. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the New Poker and Texas Holdem app scene, understanding these emotion-driven C-Betting strategies can […]

5 Scenarios Where Poker Players Tend to Overfold in Texas Hold’em

In the dynamic game of Texas Hold’em, mastering the art of folding is just as crucial as knowing when to hold onto your hand. Folding too frequently can cost you valuable opportunities and potentially limit your gains. Here are five common situations where players often find themselves overfolding and ways to leverage their tendencies to […]