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New Poker Presents: APPT Manila 2023’s Global Poker Spectacle!


Greetings, New Poker community! Every year, there’s a tournament that’s marked in bold on every poker aficionado’s calendar. This year, the APPT Manila, championed by PokerStars, was that unmissable spectacle. We’re here to give you an insider’s perspective on the event, detailing the exhilarating highs and heart-stopping moments. Let’s dive into seven standout aspects:

Participation Beyond Imagination at APPT:

First, let’s talk numbers. The Main Event at APPT Manila 2023 welcomed a staggering 1,354 participants, making it one for the record books. This year, Manila wasn’t just the heart of the Philippines; it was the heart of global poker!

Unity in Diversity:

The tournament floor was a mosaic of talent from all over the world. From the strategic genius of Japanese players to the fearless tactics of the Dutch, Manila echoed with languages, styles, and strategies from every corner of the globe.

Yuanning Wu’s Star Performance:

Amongst this tapestry of players, one star shone brightest: China’s Yuanning Wu. His gameplay was a masterclass in strategy, culminating in a win that had him taking home the coveted PokerStars trophy and a cool $200,000.

Venue Like No Other:

The Coral Room at Okada Manila wasn’t just a poker room; it was a theater of dreams. Every chip drop, every shuffle resonated in this palatial setting, amplifying the thrill manifold.

The Table of Titans:

If you were looking for drama, the final table delivered. With heavyweights like Thomas Ward and Philippines’ own Christopher “BIGTIME” Mateo, each hand was a play of its own, a blend of anticipation and awe.

Wu’s Redemption Arc:

For our regulars, you might recall Wu’s earlier 7th place finish at APPT Manila 2019. This year, he was back with a vengeance. It’s stories like his that inspire our New Poker community to persevere, no matter the odds.

The Payoff:

We’ve always believed in rewarding skill and persistence. The APPT Manila 2023 was no exception:

  • Yuanning Wu (China): $204,769
  • Christopher Mateo (Philippines): $179,390
  • Gyuhyuk Lee (South Korea): $98,683
  • John Tech (Philippines): $73,084
  • Nino Pansier (Netherlands): $57,118
  • Riku Sasahara (Japan): $43,018
  • Archie Mariano (Philippines): $32,882
  • Thomas Ward (New Zealand): $23,339

Wrapping up, APPT Manila 2023 was not just another poker event. It was an experience, a testament to the world of poker’s ever-evolving dynamism. With platforms like New Poker and giants like PokerStars, we’re ensuring that poker’s legacy is not just maintained but elevated, year after year. Cheers to a future filled with more flops turns, and river magic!

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